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Fascist Antisemitism in the US

  Fascist Antisemitism and Jewish-Italian Relations in the United States Courtesy American Jewish Archives Journal, 56 NO. 1 & 2 (2004) Courtesy of the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the…


Primo Levi Anthropologist of Normality

I first met Primo Levi in February 1963, a month before the release of his book The Truce. I had just walked into the press office at Giulio Einaudi publishing…

Resistance partisans in Val Chisone, Piemonte, Fall 1944. Image from the Adolfo Serafino Archive, Torino

Primo Levi, Mountain Rebel

Levi’s experience as a partisan—and the execution of two teenage boys—showed him humans’ capacity for extreme violence. A review of Sergio Luzzatto’s Primo Levi’s Resistance and Collaborators in Occupied Italy….


Italy and the Voice of America

The Italian Section of the Voice of America during WWII 1. On the evening of January 20, 1944, in Lima, Peru, my father Antonello sat down to write a long…


Christian Saints and Jewish Rebels

Archaeologists reveal secrets of Roman prison that held both Christian saints and Jewish rebels The Tullianum dungeon, older than Rome itself, was where Romans locked up their worst enemies: from…