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Ugo Castelnuovo Tedesco
A Memory of the Murate
Serena Di Nepi
Surviving the Ghetto
Brill 2021
April 19
Giorno della Memoria 2021 Slide CPL EDITIONS Classics, yet unknown texts, and new
research in Italian Jewish studies. Available
as ebooks and paperback.
Never Again What? Giacomo Lichtner

On the Hard Questions
Primo Levi’s Still Asking
Printed Matter
Slide PRINTED MATTER Centro Primo Levi’s online magazine featuring essays, interviews, news and personal profiles. Read more Leone Ginzburg, Franco Antonicelli, Cesare Pavese, 1930s Sartre, Jews and the Other Printed Matter Book review by Valentina Pisanty PRINTED MATTER Brief Accounts of Life and Death in Italy. Based on the archives the vicissitudes of "foreign Jews" interned by the fascist regime. "My humble request to Your Excellency" A Note From a Refugee of 75 Years Ago Ladislav Lang Printed Matter Exile and Creativity Rizzoli bookstore Rescheduled to date to be announced

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A Time for Imagination Laura Orvieto: Storia delle Storie del Mondo Printed Matter Maxine De Winter in conversation with Alessandro Cassin A Sephardic Journey The Albertine Bookstore: October 15, 2020 Cinema as Archive Lunar Calendar, Salluzzo, Archivio Terracini Torino What is precisely a concentration camp? January 30th : Reading from the diary of Maria Eisenstein Carlo Spartaco Capogreco: Mussolini’s Camps: Civilian Internment in Fascist Italy (1940-1943) (Routledge, 2019) Filo-so-fare: Silk and Jewish Garments A conversation with Rav Umberto Piperno Primo Levi at 100
Periodic Words
CPL Editions: classics and new research in Italian Jewish studies Primo Levi at 100: 1919-2019 June 12 - New York York Public Library A multi-language reading Eleanor Foa's Mixed Messages: Reflections on an Italian Jewish Family and exile Primo e Anna Maria Levi, circa 1925, CDEC Digital Library, Milan Map of Aqui, Piemonte with the outline of the ghetto area, Archivio Terracini, Torino LOS CORASSONES AVLAN Conversation on Jewish history and culture on the Island of Rhodes Centro Primo Levi and the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation in partnership with NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò, Kehila Kedosha Janina and the American Sephardi Federation present:

Los Corassones Avlan. Conversations on Jewish Life on the Island of Rhodes. A multimedia pop-up installation in the West Village.

Philip Roth and Primo Levi Marco Belpoliti on Nuto Revelli: The History of the Present
Alessandro Cassin
Printed Matter
Efratia Gitai:
Correspondence 1929–1994
at The Museum of Modern Art
March 5th at 7:00
The Rome Lab Centro Primo Levi, University of Rome La Sapienza, Museo Ebraico di Roma Magnifico in New York: Corrado Cagli, Migrating Artists and the Mirage of Italy The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts Bruno Walter Auditorium, 40 Lincoln Center Plaza Treves Publishing House Car Display, Turin, 1900 ca. New York Jewish Film Festival Iom Romì Jewish Catacombs, Rome Giuseppe Emanuele Modigliani and Fiorello La Guardia, Anniversary rally of Local 89, Madison Square Garden, 1934 Creativity and Exile: Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco The Diwan of Moses Ibn Ezra, voice and guitar The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne Georges Balanchine, Vittorio Rieti, Corrado Cagli. New York 1948 The Arch of Titus in Rome, photo by Giorgio Sommer, 1900 ca. PRINTED MATTER Angela Borghesi in conversation with Alessandro Cassin The Year of History, A Novel Salvarsi: Studying Survival in the Context of Persecution A new book by Liliana Picciotto Image: Fabio Mauri, Il Muro Occidentale del Pianto Giorno della Memoria 2019 January 28. Reading of the names Consulate General of Italy, New York Carlo and Nello Rosselli, 1930s, Archivio Rosselli, Torino Arturo Toscanini Jewish refugees, Villa Emma, Nonantola Berl Grosser attending German Jewish refugees in the office of Delasem in Milan, 1938-39 THE ITALIAN CHAZANUT ROUNDTABLE Rav Elia Richetti and Francesco Spagnolo (University of California, Berkeley) February 22 - Kehilah Kedosha Janina, New York In memory of Erna Finci Viterbi, עליה השלום Creativity and Exile: Max Ascoli and Gaetano Salvemini Ketubà, Venice 18th century Caption Text2 Svevo-Veneziani Family, Trieste 1920s The Della Seta Home Movies New York Jewish Film Festival January 21 The Golden Haggadah, 1320 Barcellona, Asti, Mantova, London. British Library, Ms. 27201 Psychology Laboratory, Florence 1932 ca. Resistance fighters in Val Chisone, Piemonte, 1944, Serafino Archive Books and documents from the Renato Maestro Library and Archive in Venice Leo Levi, Casale Monferrato, 1930 ca. Amelia Rosselli, France, circa 1935 Enzo Sereni at San Nicandro, 1943 ca. The Enigma of a Rare Jewish Sixteenth Century Portrait from Cremona by Alessandro Cassin Printed_Matter Milan Jewish School, CDEC Digital Library, Milan Jewish Youth Conference, 1925, CDED Digital Library, Milan

Our Program Calendar

Public and Academic Programs

Public programs

Centro Primo Levi’s programs explore the diversity of the Italian Jewish experience and take inspiration from Primo Levi’s humanism and his quest to explore the past and understand different aspects of the world we inhabit.

Italian Jewish Studies Seminars

A collaborative initiative of Centro Primo Levi with the NYU departments of Italian, History and Judaic Studies and Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò to develop a context for the study of Italian Jewish history, generally absent from curricula of Italian studies and only marginally featured in Jewish Studies programs.

Italian Jews, the oldest minority in Europe, have lived in the peninsula since Roman times, producing a unique cultural milieu, and often acting as liaisons to neighboring societies.

Primo Levi Forum

Readings, roundtables and presentation periodically connect scholars and practitioners from the many fields of the humanities and sciences that defined Levi’s intellectual horizon. Year after year, contributions from all over the world demonstrate

the inspirational capacity of Levi’s work and the creative power of his journeys across disciplines. Translated in over 40 languages, Levi’s work transcends cultural boundaries and comes to plays often unexpected roles in different cultures.


Studies and research on the history of the anti-Jewish persecution in Italy, fascism and the post-war construction of memory. A collaborative effort of the Consulate General of Italy, Centro Primo Levi, the Italian Cultural Institute, NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò,

the Italian Academy at Columbia University, CUNY’s John Calandra Italian American Institute and Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi and the Bronx High School of Science. Selected programs are held under the auspices of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

CPL Editions & Printed Matter

A Memory of Le Murate

April 8, 2021Printed Matter

I was released from Le Murate three days ago. In my section, there was an inmate from Prato – the nicest man, who had been “in” for the past fourteen months for some textile deal gone wrong. He knew all the...

Remembering Nedo Fiano z’l

January 24, 2021Printed Matter

What has characterized my whole life has been my deportation to the Nazi extermination camps. My entire family ended in Auschwitz with me; they were all exterminated. At eighteen, I was orphaned, and this devastating experience made me...

Legitimizing Fascism Through the Holocaust?

August 26, 2020Printed Matter

As the Holocaust becomes increasingly present in the political discourse in the US, Europe and Israel, we republish this reflection by Emiliano Perra written in 2010. The article surveys the transformation of the public image of the...

A Note From A Refugee of 75 Years Ago

August 17, 2020Printed Matter

You are right in that that the spiritual tensions in the man can be eased by telling someone about them, what is more, I say that such tensions can be eased only by telling about them, what I can say...

Never Again What?

August 17, 2020Printed Matter

The ongoing relevance of Levi’s work is not its ecumenical lesson against intolerance—in the vein of Anne Frank’s diary for instance—but rather its ability to draw out the contradictory essence of dehumanization and resilience while...

Reluctant Jews

August 17, 2020Printed Matter

I have followed the evolution of the relationship with Judaism over two generations: that of my parents (my father was Sephardic, and my mother, Ashkenazi) and my own. These were all increasingly secularized Jews (this I mean by...


August 17, 2020Printed Matter

The ease with which man adapts to weightlessness is a fascinating mystery. Considering that for many people travel by sea or even by car can cause bouts of nausea, one can’t help feeling perplexed. During month-long spells in space the...

Concentrated Modernity

August 17, 2020Printed Matter

Trial and length of imprisonment were not a part of the decision to send people to Boven Digoel and Theresienstadt. The people going to the two camps were never allowed to know the trajectory of their lives from the point...

Defoe as Possible Model

August 17, 2020Printed Matter

The structure of History, a Novel, departs substantially from Morante’s previous novels and poses some interesting interpretative questions. While critics have often pointed to similarities with the narrative structure of 19th-century...

Cinema as Archive

August 17, 2020Printed Matter

The memory Gitai is trying to archive is that of the foundation and striving of a young country: contradictions, aspirations, violence, opportunities, beauty, and all. He wants to preserve the competing narratives that constitute the...

From the Levant to the Tropics

August 17, 2020Printed Matter

It was from here, from the chaotic, sunny and tropical city of Rio de Janeiro, that most of the sources of Sarah Abrevaya Stein’s recently published book Family Papers: A Sephardic Journey through the twentieth-century (Farrar, Straus...

What Exactly Is a Concentration Camp?

August 17, 2020Printed Matter

L’internata numero 6/Internee n. 6 – The earliest known diary of daily life in a fascist concentration camp. In Fifty years, oblivion had enveloped the story of its author, the woman presented as “Internee n. 6”. The book’s epilogue...

Los Corassones Avlan

September 30, 2019Printed Matter

Conversations on Jewish Life on the Island of Rhodes. A pop-up installation to discover, discuss and imagine.  New York, NY – September 24, 2019 – A fully immersive experience celebrating and exploring the lives of the Jews of Rhodes,...

Primo Levi: A Multilanguage Reading

August 21, 2019Printed Matter

Primo Levi at 100: A Multilanguage Reading The Italian Cultural Institute, Centro Primo Levi and the New York Public Library presented a day-long multi language reading of Primo Levi’s memoir If This Is a Man....

Periodic Words: Stranger

August 20, 2019Printed Matter

In the Preface to If This Is A Man, Levi warns the reader about some possible consequences of organized political systems: “Many people—many nations—, can find themselves believing, more or less consciously, that ‘every stranger is an...

The Language that Lived Twice

August 20, 2019Printed Matter

The almost daunting task of tracing the history of the Hebrew language, and that of the literature and of the people who have read it or spoke it, is achieved in 214 pages, balancing real scholarship with lightness, enthusiasm, personal...

Research & Learning

Primo Levi

March 9, 2016home

Primo Levi’s life and work through archives and research institutions, a short film and an anthology of essays....


March 16, 2016home

Libraries, archives and research for Italian Jewish studies


March 16, 2016home

A literary and historical journey through the Jewish treasures of the Italian regions Read More...


March 17, 2016home

Created in memory of Erna Finci Viterbi z”l, this resource aims at sharing with users across the world the Italian Jewish liturgy and cantorial traditions Coming Soon...

The Shoah in Italy

March 17, 2016home

A brief guide to the study of the persecution of the Jews in Italy based on material provided by the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Milan....


March 17, 2016home

Documenting the lives of Italian Jewish exiles in America, their struggles and achievements, through research, oral history and family albums....


March 17, 2016home

Representing Jews in Italian film and documentary. Italian Jewish history in film....

Italian Jewish Press

March 17, 2016home

Guided portal to the Italian Jewish press of 19th and 20th centuries. Created in collaboration with the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Coming Soon...

From & For the Press

Valentina Pisanty in EuropeNow

April 7, 2021Press

Alexis Herr The Guardians of Memory and the Return of the Xenophobic Right (CPL Editions 2020) by Valentina Pisanty addresses the dramatic rise in racism and intolerance among countries where memory of the Holocaust is pursued with the...

The Oral History Center: Los Corassones Avlan

February 28, 2020Press

We all have stories in our archives.  We know it is best to bring the stories out, for people to hear and see them.  But how?  One idea:   Involve the narrator, maybe she or he will have an idea.  That...

I.Italy: The Life of a “Foreign Italian”

February 14, 2020Press

Leo Yeni, an Artist’s Paper Life, presented by NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò in collaboration with Centro Primo Levi showcases the life and struggles of a man through his art. To some, the show, curated by Cynthia Madansky, is an...

Editors’ picks from our partners and elsewhere

The Primo Levi Archive in Turin

October 12, 2016Advertising, Editor Pick

The International Primo Levi Studies Center offers scholars and students access to Primo Levi’s work and to research on different aspects of his writing. The archive collects the editions of his works, translations, critical...

CDEC Digital Library

October 12, 2016Editor Pick

  CDEC Digital Library a web portal dedicated to the history, culture and traditions of the Jews in Italy from the emancipation era the present as well as to the largest collection, library and research body on the history of...

Archivio Ebraico Terracini

October 12, 2016Editor Pick

The Archive of the Jewish traditions and customs Benvenuto and Alessandro Terracini collects and preserves objects, documents and books from the Jewish tradition of Piemonte. Established almost forty years ago in Turin by a bequest of...

Jewish Museum of Rome

October 12, 2016Editor Pick

Discover the Jewish Museum of Rome’s mappoth collection. Traditionally used to cover the sacred text between readings of different portions, these beautifully embroidered textiles are testimony to centuries of Jewish life in Rome. ...

Fondazione Fossoli

October 22, 2016Editor Pick

The Fossoli Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the concentration camp of Fossoli (Carpi, Modena) in its various phases (POW camp, national concentration/transit camp for Jews, DP camp and orphanage). The...

Franco Antonicelli Archive

October 22, 2016Editor Pick

Writer, public intellectual and publisher Franco Antonicelli was among the early opposers of Fascism, an activist of Giustizia e Libertà and later in the Comitato di Liberazione. He was responsible fo the first publication of Primo...

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