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Memoirs and Correspondence. A Showcase.

Ever since the launch of CPL Editions, we have received many more manuscripts than we could possibly publish. Among them, an impressive number of memoirs and letters. We have now decided to create a showcase for these unpublished manuscripts, many of which I consider uncut gems.

Memoirs and letters are among the most ancient forms of writing and hold special importance in the work of Centro Primo Levi. They express a desire to preserve individual and collective histories through the eyes of those who lived them. They add a valuable personal dimension to the work of historians and social scientists.

What you will find here are manuscripts at various stages of development.
Some have already been published in other languages and simply need translations. Others are final drafts that need editing and curating. A few have been self-published by the author and are looking for wider audiences.

Each of the manuscripts selected for this section, I believe, has something unique and valuable to offer. We will present a short description, and a sample chapter in the hope that other publishers may pick them up or that they will be of interest to scholars, students, and the general public.

If you wish to consult an entire manuscript or add a family manuscript to this showcase please write to

I am grateful to Sofia Quaglia for her help in realizing this portal

Alessandro Cassin
Director of Publishing

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