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A resource on Italian Jewish liturgy and music dedicated to Erna Finci Viterbi (1934-2015). 

Sharing and participating were among Erna Finci Viterbi’s most cherished values and she regarded them as indispensable foundation of human relations and endeavors. This project, made of books and music and conceived as a “portable school,” is dedicated to Erna’s life and the long journey through countries and cultures that enriched her vision and strengthened her heart. May her memory be of guidance for those who encounter this music and make it part of their lives. 

From this page you can access repertoires of liturgy from the Italian and Mediterranean Jewish traditions, regional variations of piyyutim, cantillation and melodies as well as extra-liturgical repertoires.

Beside collecting music from diverse sources, we are delighted to be able to integrate  this resource with the Thesaurus of Italian Jewish Music, a project of the Centro Leo Levi in Florence that systematically collects for the first time recordings, publications and documents from all the Jewish communities of Italian culture in the peninsula and elsewhere. 

Enjoy and share them and do not hesitate to ask questions!

Italian Chazanut Roundtable

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