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The Grey Zone

The Grey Zone, Anna Bravo, Working paper for the Lezione Primo Levi: Raccontare per la storia, Einaudi, 2014 Levi writes about Rumkowski “we are all mirrored in Rumkowski, his ambiguity is ours, it is our second nature, we hybrids molded from clay and…

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Calvino, Manzoni and the Gray Zone

Carlo Ginzburg First of all, there is a memory, an image. Primo Levi and Calvino are walking side by side at dusk in the summertime, talking animatedly (Calvino is taller), along the road that goes towards the village of Rhêmes…

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Interview with Natalia Indrimi

Primo Levi opened a universal platform with his reflections on human nature. Italian version La Stampa You are the Director and one of the founding members of the Primo Levi Center in New York. What is the purpose of this…

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