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A Thousand Years Deep: Early Jewish Life in Italy

The national museum dedicated to the history of Italian Jews inaugurates its first exhibition. On November 14, 1943, eleven citizens of Ferrara were incarcerated in the prison of Via Piangipane….


The “Aryanization” of Italian Musical Life

This article was originally published by the Orel Foundation  and is republished with minor edits by permission.  In Italy there is absolutely no differentiation between Jews and non–Jews, in all fields,…


Ghetto and Not

The Relationship between Jews and Christians. Toward a Redefinition of the Ghetto In Italy, during the past two decades, Jewish history has pervasively captured the attention of researchers – even…


Roman Policy Towards the Jews

Roman Policy Towards the Jews: Expulsions from the City of Rome During the First Century C. E. Tant de causes secretes se mêlent souvent à la cause apparente, tant de…