Del doman non v’è certezza

From the joint program on Giorno della Memoria In the past weeks I have received hundreds of remembrance day emails and letters asking “to fight Holocaust distortion” and “antisemitism.” One…

Primo Levi at the National Book Festival

Multimedia artist Cynthia Madansky produced this short film in tribute to Primo Levi as an introduction to the program at the National Book Festival. She used little known archival images…

Vanni’s Opening

Centro Primo Levi launched CPL Editions at SF Vanni, Andrea Ragusa’s historical Village store and publisher on 12th Street. By choosing this symbolic place to begin its publishing venture, CPL…

Rav Elio Toaff z’l (1915-2015)

Born on April 30, 1915, in the Tuscan port city of Livorno, Elio Toaff was the son of the chief rabbi of Livorno, Alfredo Sabato Toaff, who discouraged his son…

Yafuzu’ oyevecha

Yafuzu Oyevecha sung by the chief rabbi of Padua Rav A. Locci and B. Sacerdoti. Pictures of Italian Synagogues.  

The Opposition: Giorgina Levi

Giorgina Levi (1910-2011) was an Italian historian, member of Parliament and public intellectual. Born in Turin from politically engaged parents, following Mussolini’s Racial Laws,  was forced to emigrate to Bolivia…

Puglia: Gate to Israel

At the end of WWII, Jewish refugees were temporarily hosted in transit camps in Puglia, which had been established under the aegis of the United Nations and the Allied Forces.


“Children imprisoned behind barbed wire! Here is one of the typical symptoms of this heroic age of ours.”