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Primo Levi, Argon

… the contrast between the texture of their speech … and the Hebrew interpolation, snatched from the language of the fathers, sacred and solemn… reflects another, the essential one of Diaspora Jews, scattered among Gentiles … trapped in tension between their divine calling and the daily misery of exile... Primo Levi, Argon

CORRADO CAGLI, Transatlantic bridges, 1938-1947 By Raffaele Bedarida Translated by Marguerite Shore In the 1930s the young Italian artist, Corrado Cagli was a rising star of the Scuola Romana, supported by the Fascist regime despite being both Jewish and a…

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Mine Is The Golden Tongue, The Hebrew Sonnets Of Immanuel Of Rome By Immanuel of Rome Translated and annotated by Yehudah Cohn This volume contains the first known sonnets written in Hebrew. Their author is Immanuel of Rome, an intensely…

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