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Hanno storia

Potrei raccontare storie a non finire.

New York Anni 30 L’italiano che anticipò Amazon

Parla Alessandro Cassin, che riapre la storica libreria fondata nel 1884 da un immigrato siciliano. Il successivo proprietario ebbe l’intuizione di vendere per corrispondenza i volumi fatti arrivare dal nostro Paese Giuseppe Culicchia. C’era una volta una piccola libreria italiana…

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The New Yorker. Italian Hours

Alek Wilkinson. “Countless times I walked past these windows with the curtains drawn,” Alessandro Cassin said. “It seemed so unlikely that there would be anything behind them anymore.” Cassin is the director of publishing for Centro Primo Levi, which promotes…

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CPL introduces publication’s app

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE contact: New York, NY, April 21, 2015 - Centro Primo Levi NY introduces the CPL Editions App that provides access to CPL's books as well as to its online monthly Printed_Matter. The latter contains articles, interviews…

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La Stampa. Interview with Alessandro Cassin

Alain Elkann Centro Primo Levi recently launched CPL Editions, a new publishing enterprise at the historical New York Italian bookstore and publisher S.F. Vanni. The interview with Alessandro Cassin, Director of Publishing, took place at the recently reopened S.F. Vanni…

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S F VANNI: Germinating From Old Roots

ALESSANDRO CASSIN.     The bookstore, in business from 1884 to 2004,  reopens as a pop-up bookstore, cultural space and headquarters for our own CPL Editions.  In a city in constant transformation, we believe in the symbolic value of the…

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