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Italian Jewish Press

Guided portal to the Italian Jewish press of 19th and 20th centuries. Created in collaboration with the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.…


Representing Jews in Italian film and documentary. Italian Jewish history in film.


Documenting the lives of Italian Jewish exiles in America, their struggles and achievements, through research, oral history and family albums.

The Shoah in Italy

A brief guide to the study of the persecution of the Jews in Italy based on material provided by the…


Created in memory of Erna Finci Viterbi z”l, this resource aims at sharing with users across the world the Italian Jewish liturgy and…


A literary and historical journey through the Jewish treasures of the Italian regions Read More


Libraries, archives and research for Italian Jewish studies Read More

Primo Levi

Primo Levi's life and work through archives and research institutions, a short film and an anthology of essays.

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