Paper Lives

Paper Lives

“My humble request to Your Excellency”. Brief accounts of  life and death in Italy. Based on archival documentation on “foreign…

Yesterday And Today

Yesterday and Today

The way our societies confront the plight of the millions of refugees from various areas of the world escaping famine,…

Minorities In Venice

Minorities in Venice

Benjamin Ravid discusses the legal status, demographics and culture of minorities in Venice.

E Le Acque Si Calmarono

E le acque si calmarono

An exquisite exhibition at the National Library of Florence celebrates the return of some of the books from the Florence…

Gather What You Can And Flee

Gather What You Can and Flee

The exile of Jewish professors and professionals caused serious and long lasting damage to Italian culture and Italian scientific development.…



The Italian Jewish Exiles in America. By Gianna Pontecorboli. "Embarking on that ship had entailed untold difficulties. They made the…