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Hanno storia

La storia popolare, ed anche la storia quale viene tradizionalmente insegnata nelle scuole, risente di questa tendenza manichea che rifugge dalle mezze tinte e dalle complessità.

CPL introduces publication’s app

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE contact: New York, NY, April 21, 2015 - Centro Primo Levi NY introduces the CPL Editions App that provides access to CPL's books as well as to its online monthly Printed_Matter. The latter contains articles, interviews…

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La Stampa. Interview with Alessandro Cassin

Alain Elkann Centro Primo Levi recently launched CPL Editions, a new publishing enterprise at the historical New York Italian bookstore and publisher S.F. Vanni. The interview with Alessandro Cassin, Director of Publishing, took place at the recently reopened S.F. Vanni…

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S F VANNI: Germinating From Old Roots

ALESSANDRO CASSIN.     The bookstore, in business from 1884 to 2004,  reopens as a pop-up bookstore, cultural space and headquarters for our own CPL Editions.  In a city in constant transformation, we believe in the symbolic value of the…

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Ansa. Miracle on 12th Street

Alessandra Baldini For independent bookstores, New York is a cemetery scattered with crosses: Gotham and Coliseum were gone in the first decade of this century, casualties of the big bookstore chains, which eventually succumbed themselves to the rise of Amazon.…

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Italoamericano. Italian Bookstore Reopens in New York

Becky Zeferino S.F. Vanni, the oldest running Italian bookstore in the United States, has released news of its end-of-January reopening in New York City.  The bookstore was first founded in 1884 by the Sicilian (Caltagirone) Sante Fortunato Vanni in Greenwich…

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