The Museum of Italian Judaism Seeks Director

In 2003, the Ministry for Cultural Heritage issued the plan to develop the Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah in Ferrara. During the years since, the foundation in charge of implementing the plan has created programs and an important Jewish literary festival.

The museum’s goal is to present the history and culture of Italian Judaism and its legacy of knowledge and ideas that have distinguished more than two-thousand year Jewish presence in Italy. Ferrara was chosen as symbolic center of historic Jewish life and culture, and the hometown of Giorgio Bassani, whose writings are known worldwide.


Moreover, under the oversight of the national center for research on the Holocaust, the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Milan, the museum will develop a section devoted to the history of the persecution of the Jews in Italy.The museum’s new president, Dario Disegni, was installed two weeks ago. Mr. Disegni is the president of the National Foundation for Jewish Heritage  and of the Jewish Community of Turin. A prominent exponent of the Italian cultural and philanthropic worlds, Mr. Disegni has been in charge of international relations for the Fondazione San Paolo in Turin and is a member fo the board of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities and the Museum of the Italian Risorgimento.

Upon his nomination, Mr. Disegni has open the search for the museum’s director.

Those interested in applying for the position can find information on the MEIS website. 


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