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Primo Levi, The Periodic Table

In order for the wheel to turn, for life to be lived, impurities are needed, and the impurities of impurities in the soil, too, as is known, if it is to be fertile. Dissension, diversity, the grain of salt and mustard are needed… Primo Levi, The Periodic Table

Americordo – The Italian Jewish Exiles in America Gianna Pontecorboli Pontecorboli's book is a long overdue account of a lesser-known aspect of the Italian anti-Jewish persecution: the exile of Italian Jews to America. Forced to the US by the Fascist…

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On Reading If This Is a Man Alberto Cavaglion In 2012 Einaudi and Centro Internazionale Studi Primo Levi in Turin published a new annotated version of Primo Levi’s  If This Is a Man If, by Alberto Cavaglion. We are presenting here…

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A New Publishing Enterprise

A New Publishing Enterprise In 15 years of activity, Centro Primo Levi New York has established itself as a platform through which international audiences and the academia can access resources on Italian Jewish studies and current affairs. Our website promotes…

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Wall Street Journal. The Tragedy of Survival

Edward Rothstein. The Lager’s inmates struggle with each other, snitch on each other, fight over rations, cheat the innocent. It is a ‘war of all against all.’ Does great suffering bring great wisdom? Does it lead to sophisticated moral views…

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The Atlantic. Why Primo Levi Survives

His will to bear witness, and record the hellish particularity of the Holocaust, helped save his life in Auschwitz. It also inspired the writing he will be remembered for. William Dereziewicz. Three volumes, 3,000 pages: The Complete Works of Primo Levi, in…

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Harper’s Magazine. Free but Not Redeemed

James Marcus. Primo Levi’s literary conquest of America has been slow, sketchy, almost diffident. The English translation of his first book, If This Is a Man, appeared in this country in 1959, twelve years after the publication of the original in Italy,…

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