A Thousand Years Deep: Early Jewish Life in Italy

The national museum dedicated to the history of Italian Jews inaugurates its first exhibition. On November 14, 1943, eleven citizens of Ferrara were incarcerated in the prison of Via Piangipane….


Rome Lab Calendar

September 14 – 6:30 pm Singing the Sacred Text. Cantor Alberto Funaro October 18 – 6:30 pm A Tale of Two Cities: Rome and Jerusalem. Paula Fredriksen, Hebrew University of…


The Jewish Museum of Rome in New York!

A learning space of the Jewish Museum of Rome in New York Presented by Centro Primo Levi in collaboration with NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò and the University of Rome…


Special Offer for Printed Matter’s Readers

Special Offer for Printed Matter’s Readers on Vallentine Mitchell’s Books  Until September 4th our readers can receive 30% discount on selected Vallentine Mitchell’s titles. When ordering include the discount code:…


Judaism’s Beloved Haggadah, 550 Years in Print.

Gathered tonight and tomorrow around tables all over the world to celebrate Passover, Jews will pick up hundreds of versions of the Haggadah. Containing biblical texts, prayers, ritual directions, explanations…


Devising Resistance

Donald J. Trump’s election, inauguration, first appointments, and presidential decrees, have caused extreme disquiet to those who foresee the country drifting toward authoritarianism and a systematic undermining of the democratic…

Andrea Jacchia

Yesterday and Today

The way our societies confront the plight of the millions of refugees from various areas of the world escaping famine, ethnic, religious and political persecution, hopelessness and war, will be…