U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis

Richard Breitman, Norman J.W. Goda, Timothy Naftali, U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis, Cambridge University Press,  2004

This book is a direct result of the 1998 Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act. Drawing upon many documents declassified under this law, the authors demonstrate what US intelligence agencies learned about Nazi crimes during World War II and about the nature of Nazi intelligence agencies’ role in the Holocaust. It examines how some U.S. corporations found ways to profit from Nazi Germany’s expropriation of the property of German Jews. This book also reveals startling new details on the Cold War connections between the US government and Hitler’s former officers. At a time when intelligence successes and failures are at the center of public discussion, U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis also provides an unprecedented inside look at how intelligence agencies function during war and peacetime.

• It is based on the unprecedented release of eight million pages of previously secret and top secret records of the OSS, CIA, FBI, NSA, US Army and other American agencies • It is packed with new information and analysis concerning the Nazi State, Nazi crimes, and the fate of Nazi war criminals following World War II, including their employment by the US government • It provides an inside look at the functioning of US intelligence agencies, their successes, and their failures – a timely issue indeed.

Richard Breitman, American University, Washington DC
Norman J. W. Goda, Ohio University
Timothy Naftali, University of Virginia
Robert Wolfe, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration


Part I. Espionage and Genocide:

OSS knowledge of the holocaust Richard Breitman with Norman J. W. Goda;
Other responses to the holocaust Richard Breitman;
Case studies of genocide Richard Breitman with Robert Wolfe;
Nazi espionage: the Abwehr and SD Foreign Intelligence Richard Breitman;
Follow the money Richard Breitman;
The Gestapo Richard Breitman with Norman J. W. Goda and Paul Brown;

Part II. Collaboration and Collaborators:

Banking on Hitler: Chase National Bank and the Rückwanderer Mark Scheme, 1936–1941 Norman J. W. Goda;
The Ustasa: murder and espionage Norman J. W. Goda;
Nazi collaborators in the United States: what the FBI knew Norman J. W. Goda; Part III.
Postwar Intelligence Use of War Criminals:
The Nazi peddler: Wilhelm Höttl and Allied Intelligence Norman J. W. Goda;
Tracking the Red Orchestra: allied intelligence, Soviet spies, Nazi criminals Norman J. W. Goda;
Coddling a Nazi turncoat Robert Wolfe;
The CIA and Eichmann’s associates Timothy Naftali;
Reinhard Gehlen and the United States Timothy Naftali;
Manhunts: the official search for notorious Nazis Norman J. W. Goda.

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