Carlo Alberto Viterbo

Carlo Alberto Viterbo: A Neglected Figure of Italian Judaism   Carlo Alberto Viterbo (1889-1974) made wide-ranging contributions over many years to the development and dissemination of Jewish heritage in Italy,…


Beyond the Canon

Thinking Beyond the Canon: New Themes and Approaches in Jewish Studies March 8–9, 2015, University of California, Los Angeles Submissions due by October 31st. You may direct questions to….


A Polishman among Ethiopians

  A century before global Jewry reached out to Ethiopia’s community, a researcher named Jacques Faitlovitch sowed the seeds for a future ingathering. An odd sculpture recently appeared on the…


Jewish Settlement in Ethiopia

Plans for Mass Jewish Settlement in Ethiopia (1936-1943)   Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia in the autumn of 1935, and the development of anti-Semitism in both fascist Italy 1 and Nazi…

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Isacco Lampronti

Contemporary Science and Jewish Law in the Eyes of Isaac Lampronti of Ferrara and Some of His Contemporaries The Jewish community of Ferrara in the first half of the eighteen…


Did the Germans Do It All?

Did the Germans Do It All? The Italian Shoah in International Historiography (1946-1986) This essay examines how the main historical writings in languages other than Italian (mostly English) published in…


The Master Puppeteer

Mussolini’s Manipulation of US correspondents in Fascist Italy Mussolini a darling of the American media of the 1920’s and late 1930”s? This long forgotten fact, together with his being described…


The Invention of the Jewish Community in Italy

Publication event: The registries of three Italian Jewish communities May 12, 2014   Hevrat yehudè Italia lif’eulà ruhanit, Rehov Hillel 25, Jerusalem Y. Yudlov, Il Registro della comunità di Casale Monferrato,…

A Jewish Family in Pisa

        I Supino. Una dinastia di ebrei pisani fra mercatura, arte, politica e diritto (secc. XVI-XX) Organized by the Società Storica Pisana May, 26-27  2014 – Palazzo…

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Italian Jewish Exiles in South America

Italian Jewish Migration to Latin America, 1938-1945: An Overview by Annalisa Capristo at the Third Regional New York Latin American Jewish Studies Conference held in collaboration with the Americas Society…