Resistance partisans in Val Chisone, Piemonte, Fall 1944. Image from the Adolfo Serafino Archive, Torino

Primo Levi, Mountain Rebel

Levi’s experience as a partisan—and the execution of two teenage boys—showed him humans’ capacity for extreme violence. A review of Sergio Luzzatto’s Primo Levi’s Resistance and Collaborators in Occupied Italy….


Venice, the Jews and Europe

On September 19 at 6:00 pm the English edition of the 500th Anniversary exhibition on the Venice ghetto with essays by some of the most prominent scholars in the field,…


A Primo Levi Atlas

A Primo Levi Atlas: Primo Levi di fronte e di profilo, by Marco Belpoliti Marco Belpoliti has crowned his decades long critical engagement with Levi with an ambitious new book, Primo…


From Musa Dagh to Masada

How Franz Werfel’s novel about the Armenian Genocide inspired the Warsaw Ghetto fighters and the Zionist resistance A crowded hotel lobby in Breslau in late 1932. People waited there to…


A Third Model of Jewish Enlightenment?

Francesca Bregoli. Mediterranean Enlightenment: Livornese Jews, Tuscan Culture, and Eighteenth-Century Reform. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2014 Despite its status as the second-largest Jewish community in western Europe in the eighteenth…


The Secret of the Last Jews of Rhodes

A Daunting Discovery: The largest Carabinieri Archives Outside of Italy and a List of 1661 Names Shed Light on a Greek island’s Darkest Moments How was it possible? A locked door,…


Italian Chazanut

The Erna Finci Viterbi Italian Chazanut Round Table A resource on Italian Jewish liturgy and music On February 14, 2016 Centro Primo Levi presented its new project dedicated to the…


Press on Primo Levi’s Complete Works

Primo Levi’s Complete Works: Selected Press 1/15/16    Public Books / review “Monumental. . . . Lively, poised, brand-new versions of all Levi’s books and collections, many complete here for…