Italian Jewish Press

An English language portal on the Italian Jewish Press Centro Primo Levi New York with the support of the Cahnman Foundation announces its partnership with the Scuola Normale Superiore di…


The Jewish Archives of Piedmont

A new collaborative website offer access to the Jewish archives of Piedmont. This rich and well presented resource weaves together historical literature with a vast collection of digitized documents narrating…


Archival Records of Italian Jewry

The Central Archives for the History of Jewish People (CAHJP) at the National Library of Israel put online new sources concerning the Jewish communities of many Italian cities including Asti,…


Holocaust Music

Why the new “Holocaust Music” is an insult to music and the the victims of the Shoah   In the never-ending search for ways to remember the Holocaust, the newest…


Inspired by the Archives

Manifesto of Italian Archivists 1) Why are we worried? 2) What is the use of archives? 3) What is the role of archivists? 4) Why are archivists invisible? 5)…

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Humanism and Hebrew Culture

Humanism and Hebrew Culture in the Italian Renaissance 10 March 2016 – International Studies Institute, Florence Palazzo Rucellai – Via della Vigna Nuova 18 – 50123 Firenze +39 055-2645910 –…


An Evening for Bianca

On January 25th, 2016, was a special  evening at the Italian Cultural Institute. The occasion was  the launching of  Primo Levi, The Friend by Bianca Guidetti Serra, CPL Editions, 2015….


Who is That Warrior?

Confronting Italy’s colonial ‘adventure’ in Ethiopia The most startling moment in “If Only I Were That Warrior”—and there are many startling moments—might be when Giuseppe, an Italian agronomist and military…


The Ghetto Reconsidered

The Ghetto Reconsidered: Minority and Ethnic Quarters in Text and Images On the occasion of the 500th Anniversary of the establishment of the Venice Ghetto (1516) by a decree of the Serenissima,…