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The Racial Laws

The Racial Laws, a poem by Giorgio Bassani (translated by Jamie McKendrick) The magnolia right in the middle of our Ferrara house’s garden is the very same that reappears in…

The Novel of Ferrara

Introduction by Jamie McKendrick to his translation of The Novel of Ferrara (W.W. Norton & Co., 2019) In short stories, novels, poems, and essays, Giorgio Bassani has composed perhaps the…

My betrayed garden

my work, in a way that would have been inappropriate even if they were marionettes. Although fine folk, the Finzi-Continis were not Rothschilds, carrying out correspondence with wealthy international relatives by mail! “Isac” and “Rachel,” mentioned on p. 278 onwards of the Pirro revision, distorted the Finzi-Continis, rendering a false and unflattering image of the family.

La iente de Zion

La iente de Zion: a Medieval liturgical poem in Italian vernacular From: Jews, an Italian Story. The First Thousand Years, Electa, 2018, Museo Nazionale dell’Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah, Ferrara….

Pri Etz Hadar

Written by an unknown author, probably of the school of Itzach Luria in Safed, it was included in the Sefer Ḥemdat Yamim by R’ Yisrael Yakov Ben Yom Tov Algazi…