The Italian Synagogue in Jerusalem

An early 18th century Rococo synagogue last used in Italy in World War I, it was reconstructed in Israel in 1952 and has since formed the heart of Jerusalem’s Italian-Jewish community, according to Gilad Levian, director of the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art in which this architectural gem is housed.

The synagogue was originally built in Conegliano Veneto, a village located between Padua and Venice, where Jews lived from the 16th century. They prayed in the synagogue in front of a beautiful Holy Ark with fine golden carved wooden decorations.

Watch Ariel University architecture Prof. David Cassuto, whose family came from Italy, describe the rich history of Conegliano Veneto Synagogue and its new life in Israel.

Music by Tres Tristes Tangos – Planta Baja

Link to the museum’s website:

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